FreiTek Incorporated, formerly known as Incom Corporation, is one of the premiere ship producing factions in the galaxy. FreiTek made its start in the New Republic where it was known for years as Incom Corporation. As the New Republic consolidated their production efforts in their war against the Empire, Incom Corporation became one of the two primary shipbuilding factions in the New Republic.

When the New Republic no longer had a use for Incom Corporation they sought to sell the company. Leaders Tucker, Qui Sen and Lando Valorum of the old Incom Corporation bought the faction and FreiTek Inc. was born. FreiTek owner and leader, Tucker, applied to the New Republic for FreiTek Inc. to become a private sector authority (PSA) faction. Shortly afterwards FreiTek was granted PSA status and continued ongoing friendly relations with the New Republic. Eventually Tucker retired and Qui Sen rose to fill his position though following in Tucker's footsteps the company transferred hands to Robby Rae who eventually gained ownership in addition to command. Under Robby's leadership, FreiTek continues to maintain strong communications and relations with the New Republic and has extended that friendship to a multitude of other factions and governments as well. As a company, FreiTek Inc. seeks to continue peaceful relationships in order to achieve the mutual benefits and advantages that come when people and companies work together.